Reducing costs and optimizing quality for industry

PANalytical, the world's leading supplier of analytical equipment, has a dedicated team of process control experts. To reduce costs and optimize quality for industry, the process control team offers a complete spectrum of laboratory automation and information systems including sample transportation, preparation, analysis and results processing. Control of the systems is performed with the SamTracs control system. Presentation and results processing is done using the dedicated LIMS package SPARCS. Additionally, as a result of PANalytical’s exclusive alliance with Sodern (Limeil-Brevannes, France), PANalytical customers in the cement, mining and coal industry can benefit from CNA cross-belt analyzers. This fourth generation PFTNA (pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation) technology instantaneously delivers highly representative elemental analysis for safe, robust in-line process control in real time.

Working with the best partners

PANalytical developed TEAMworks in a cooperation agreement with OBLF GmbH, a German manufacturer renowned for its OES equipment. A hybrid OES/XRF spectrometer designed for the steel and metals sectors, TEAMworks (total element analyzing module) analyzes metal and oxidic samples across virtually the entire periodic table, with detection limits within the ppm-range.

Automated laboratory, Zetium
The automated laboratory

Within an automated laboratory, complete preparation, analysis processes and sample transportation to and within the laboratory, can be mechanized and computerized.

OBLF, PANalytical
OES In automation

The OBLF series of optical emission spectrometers comprises a range of high-performance spark OES instruments. All units are built using a wide range of modules.

Sodern CNA, PANalytical
CNA cross-belt analyzers

CNA cross-belt analyzers from PANalytical provide real-time elemental analysis for the cement, mining and coal industry.

Zetium in automation

The Zetium platform is easily incorporated into an automated environment.

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